• Over 2,600 people are using SOIL EcoSan toilets in their homes as part of SOIL’s revolutionary new social business pilot for sustainably providing sanitation services. Requests for new toilets are coming in faster than we can build them!
  • An additional 5,500 people are accessing SOIL’s emergency public toilets, in a critical effort to combat the spread of cholera in Haiti’s most vulnerable communities. SOIL’s public toilets are so clean that people often remove their shoes before entering

Waste Treatment

SOIL’s composting sites treat the wastes from all of these toilets as well as toilets built by other organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Toilet Models Toilet Locations
SOIL uses several different models of toilets depending on the location and the community. Regardless of the design, SOIL’s toilets are low cost, made from locally available materials and are safe and pleasant to use. SOIL has built toilets throughout Haiti with a specific concentration in the northern Haiti communities of Cap-Haitien, Milot and Borgne and the capital city, Port-au-Prince.
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A SOIL urine diversion EcoSan toilet

Interested in building your own EcoSan toilet or compost system? Check out The SOIL Guide to Ecological Sanitation or join SOIL staff at one of our regular trainings and tours in Port-au-Prince.

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