Education and Outreach

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Photo © Medair/Tom Russell

SOIL is committed to sharing our knowledge and resources, because we know that when more people are empowered through education, we can accelerate change and achieve our vision.

SOIL’s outreach encompasses everything from educating members of our communities on health and hygiene to coordinating a national Sustainable Sanitation conference for key players in the sanitation sector.  For those interested in learning more about EcoSan, SOIL provides periodic open training workshops as well as a the wealth of online resources (see the Resources page).


  • Over a thousand people from around the world have downloaded the SOIL Guide to EcoSan since it was first published in 2011.
  • SOIL has reached thousands more with trainings, workshops, and tours.
  • Since SOIL built the first composting toilet in Haiti in 2006, individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations around the country have used SOIL designs to increase access to ecological sanitation services in Haiti.