The SOIL Board of Directors gathered in Port-au-Prince for its first meeting in Haiti in March 2016.


Moira Duvernay : Chairperson of the Board
Moira Duvernay: Chairperson of the Board
Moira Duvernay is a human rights attorney whose love affair with Haiti started when she worked in Haiti as a teacher in 1998. Currently, she serves as Deputy Director of the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies based at UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, California. Moira is an experienced litigator in the areas of international human rights, civil rights, and other public law matters. She was named a “Rising Star” in California’s Super Lawyer magazine in 2013 and 2014 for her civil and criminal appellate work, including a death penalty appeal. Previously, Moira served as a staff attorney for the Center for Justice and Accountability in San Francisco. She litigated high-impact international human rights cases on behalf of survivors of torture or other severe human rights abuses, serving as counsel in legal victories against death squad leaders and former military officers from around the world.  In March 2007, Moira was named an Attorney of the Year by California Magazine for her role in the securing a $19 million judgment against a Haitian death squad leader who was living in New York.

Georges Mikhael : Vice Chairperson
Georges Mikhael: Vice Chairperson
Georges Mikhael is the senior specialist in urban sanitation at Aguaconsult and holds a M.S.c. in Water and Waste Engineering from Loughborough University in the U.K. Georges has over seven years of experience in urban centres in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and South-East Asia. His area of focus is in dynamics of urban sanitation markets and the planning, financial analysis and implementation of innovative solutions. Over the last four years he was the primary sanitation expert for Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor's (WSUP) global approach to urban sanitation where he led the establishment of several sustainable faecal sludge management services, introduction of a sanitation tariff in Maputo, Mozambique, and contributed to the strategic direction of container-based sanitation service Clean Team. He also co-authored a chapter in the Faecal Sludge Management book on emptying and transport. Georges has a background in consulting, undertaking assignments for a broad range of clients including non-profits, private sector, multilaterals and academia.

Melinda Miles : Secretary
Melinda Miles: Secretary
Melinda Miles is an expert on Haiti and social and economic rights who has spent the last fifteen years working with Haitian grassroots groups, civil society and international organizations on a wide sphere of issues including environment conservation and food security; human rights and gender-based violence; capacity building; economic justice; accountability and labor rights; and much more. Melinda has a history of bringing together diverse stakeholders around shared challenges and coalition building including the Let Haiti Live coalition in 2000-2004 and the Haiti Response Coalition only days after the January 2010 earthquake. As Program Director at TransAfrica in Washington, DC, Melinda maintains relationships with Members of Congress and policymakers and represents TransAfrica at events around the country and the world, including the African National Congress’s International Solidarity Conference in South Africa in 2012.

Bob McLaughlin : Treasurer
Bob McLaughlin: Treasurer
Bob McLaughlin is a business and finance professional with over 40 years of experience in private accounting, tax planning, and business consulting. He runs a practice in Rockford, IL (albeit now as a semi-retired consultant to his son, who has taken over the practice). Prior to owning his own practice, he worked with the firm BDO Seidman from 1961 to 1980, and was named partner in 1973. Bob holds an MBA from the University of Detroit and he is a licensed CPA. He has also been actively involved in a number of charitable, community, and professional organizations, including serving as president of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - St James Conference, volunteering in the Pastoral Care Department at one of the major hospitals in Rockford, as well as being active in his local parish. In addition to serving on the SOIL board, he is currently on the boards of Family Counseling Services of Northern Illinois and Hope for the Haitians. Bob is also involved with Carpenter's Place (an agency working with the homeless in Rockford) and his local Kiwanis Club. He lives with his wife Mary Lou in Rockford, Illinois, although they travel often to visit their 5 children and 12 grandchildren.

Dr. Jessica Covell :
Dr. Jessica Covell:
Jessica recently completed her PhD at the University of Miami with a focus on Haitian non-profits. Her academic background focused on international politics and her professional experience is with small, growing organizations in need of operational support. She is working on the practical side of non-profit management through her work with Project Medishare and SOIL. In addition, she works directly with other non-profits as part of the larger academic community at the entrepreneurial center on the UM campus. She speaks Spanish and is in the process of learning Haitian Creole.

Catherine Ellenbogen :
Catherine Ellenbogen:
Catherine Ellenbogen is a retired partner and Senior Vice President of CMD Realty Investment Company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and she has extensive professional experience in corporate real estate development, public relations, advertising, and marketing. In addition to serving on the SOIL board, Cathy has served  on the Alumni Board of Dominican University, the Board of Hephzibah Children’s Association, and  the Capital Campaign Advisory Committee of Parenthesis. She is also  Co-Founder and Co-Director, along with her husband Steve Ellenbogen, of the Ellenbogen Charitable Trust. Since 2011, Cathy has become increasingly involved in supporting Haiti’s economic development, both with Youth C.A.R.E.S. (which provides educational programs for youth in the Cabaret area of Port-au-Prince) and with SOIL.

Ingrid Henrys :
Ingrid Henrys:
Ingrid Henrys is a Haitian who obtained a master’s degree in agro-development engineering in France. She fell in love with EcoSan while writing her final report on the link between EcoSan and urban agriculture in Burkina Faso. After returning to Haiti, she served as the head of sanitation from 2008 to 2011 at the National Direction for Drinking Water and Sanitation. In 2011 she helped translate SOIL’s first edition of its EcoSan guide. Since then, Ingrid has worked more widely in the environment field and is now focusing more on environment protection and permaculture.

Dr. Sasha Kramer : Executive Director
Dr. Sasha Kramer: Executive Director
Dr. Sasha Kramer is an ecologist and human rights advocate who has been living and working in Haiti since 2004. She received her Ph.D. in Ecology from Stanford University in 2006 and co-founded SOIL that same year while also completing a postdoctoral research position with the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects at Stanford. While Sasha spends the majority of her time living and working in Haiti, she is also a global advocate for the recycling of nutrients in human waste, helping others implement sustainable sanitation projects and inspiring people around the world to participate in the sanitation revolution. Sasha is an Adjunct Professor of International Studies and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami. She is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, an Architect of the Future with the Waldzell Institute, and 2014 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

Nathalie Marc-Charles :
Nathalie Marc-Charles:
Nathalie Marc-Charles is an experienced HR leader and a professional in the organizational psychology and development field. Nathalie is highly proficient in developing and implementing innovative recruitment and retention strategies, implementing employee work-life balance programs and developing employee policies and procedures. Nathalie also has extensive experience managing employee relations, developing competency frameworks, performance management and measurement systems. Her recent work has focused on business process redesign and management initiatives including leadership and coaching. For over 10 years, Nathalie worked in the US for Viacom the parent company of MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. Since 2014, Nathalie has consulted for several organizations in the areas of administration, personnel management and process improvement. Nathalie received her undergraduate degree in Management from St. John’s University and then went on to attend Columbia University’s Teachers College where she studied Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Adult Learning & Leadership. In June of 2018, Nathalie became a certified Birkman Consultant and has been using the Birkman Assessment with client for team building, sales and negotiation, and leadership development.

Jean-Michel Petit Bois :
Jean-Michel Petit Bois:
Jean-Michel is French-Haitian and has completed two master's degree respectively in "Business Management" and "Information Technology" in Toulouse, France. With more than ten years advising fortune 500 companies on Project Management/Business Intelligence (Boeing, Oracle, NYPD, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley University and more), he joined the Red-Cross in DC to help in the recovery effort in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, setting up policies and procedures for better Talent Management among Red Cross agencies working in Haiti. He later joined Partners In Health in 2012 as a project manager to launch the Mirebalais Hospital, build Zanmi Lasante's HR department and lead the local Global Health Leadership program, a partnership between Harvard Medical School and PIH. Jean-Michel has also been an advisor for the office of the Prime Minister Office de Management et des Ressources Humaines, on Talent Management and E-Government strategies.

Nick Preneta : Deputy Director
Nick Preneta: Deputy Director
Nick has a Master’s in Public Health from Tufts University and has been working with SOIL since 2010, after first moving to Haiti in 2005. Nick was instrumental in coordinating SOIL’s emergency response after the 2010 earthquake and in opening the Port-au-Prince office. Nick currently oversees operations, manages Human Resources for both of SOIL’s offices, and is responsible for SOIL’s consultancy services.

David Reese :
David Reese:
David Reese is language arts department chair at Miami Beach Senior High. Seeking meaningful curriculum, David engages student participation in service learning projects, community action initiatives, and essential questions of human rights through the study of literature and expository argument. He believes that advocating for SOIL has opened a window for democratic minded young people to act locally to affect change globally.

Clare Stevens :
Clare Stevens:
Clare is currently the Operations Manager for EY’s Ripples Projects, extending EY’s professional services to impact investors and entrepreneurs making it their business to tackle the causes and symptoms of inequality, at heavily discounted rates. In addition to managing all operational aspects of the program, she is also responsible for the successful delivery of consulting engagements with a range of water and sanitation businesses. It is through this program that Clare first crossed paths with SOIL and has remained closely connected both with the mission and the team ever since. Clare is a chartered accountant by trade and has over 6 years of professional services experience having previously worked in EY’s Business Tax Services serving a broad range of domestic and multinational clients on UK corporate and international tax matters in an advisory and compliance capacity.

Lavarice Gaudin : Member Emeritus
Lavarice Gaudin: Member Emeritus
Lavarice was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti and moved to Port-au-Prince in 1979. Three years later, he moved to the United States where he completed a BA in Criminal Justice and a Masters of Business Administration at Florida Metropolitan University. Lavarice met Sasha immediately prior to her first visit to Haiti and they've been friends ever since. Lavarice has been involved with the What If? Foundation since its inception in 2000. The What If? Foundation began as a simple feeding program providing one meal a week in the Tiplas Kazo neighborhood of Port-au-Prince; today the program provides meals 5 days a week to thousands of children, in addition to operating an after school program and a summer camp. Lavarice is the Program Coordinator for What If? in Haiti and currently resides in Port-au-Prince.

Sister Mary Finnick : Member Emeritus
Sister Mary Finnick: Member Emeritus
Sister Mary Finnick holds multiple degrees in nursing as well as a doctorate in education. In 2010, Sister Mary celebrated her 60th anniversary as a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart.  She has worked as a primary school educator, a staff nurse, Director of Nursing and a nurse educator at several institutions of higher education including Temple University. Sister Mary spent many years working in Peru and Nicaragua leading social assistance programs, and was  director of the Matthew 25 Guest House in Port-au-Prince from 2005 to 2013. Sister Mary has this to say about her life, “Despite the facts above, my life has been far from boring, and graced with families (personal and religious), friends, and opportunities to meet and interact with wonderful people."

Dr. Jessica Lozier : Member Emeritus
Dr. Jessica Lozier: Member Emeritus
Jessica Lozier became acquainted with SOIL's programs while working with street children in Haiti for two years with Project Pierre Toussaint and the Crudem Foundation. Her work focused on education, health, and social opportunities for the children of Cap-Haitien. She returned to Haiti after the Port-au-Prince earthquake in 2010 as the Country Director for Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group. Jessica worked with AIDG to promote the implementation of sustainable technologies in Haitian communities, primarily in the building and energy sector. Jessica has a doctorate in medicine and she is fluent in Haitian Creole and French.