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SOIL’s staff are united by a passion for promoting dignity, health, and sustainable development in Haiti. We share a belief that in transforming wastes into resources, we can help restore Haiti’s beauty and vitality. The majority of our staff are Haitian and they are local to the neighborhoods we serve. This helps us build respectful programs that meet local needs while also supporting Haiti’s long-term economic development.

Meet the SOIL Team

Cap-Haitien   Port-au-Prince   Organizational Support and Strategy


Cap-Haitien Administration

Romel Toussaint : Senior Manager Cap-Haitien
Romel Toussaint: Senior Manager Cap-Haitien

Nathalie François : Administrative Director
Nathalie François: Administrative Director

Frantz Jean Louis : Administrative Coordinator
Frantz Jean Louis: Administrative Coordinator

Merlande Charles : Receptionist/Community Educator
Merlande Charles: Receptionist/Community Educator

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Cap-Haitien Sanitation Department

Erinold Frederic : EkoLakay Program Director
Erinold Frederic: EkoLakay Program Director

Algate Joseph : Sanitation Coordinator
Algate Joseph: Sanitation Coordinator

Madame Bwa : Community Ambassador
Madame Bwa: Community Ambassador

Diesson Cadet : Public Toilet Manager
Diesson Cadet: Public Toilet Manager

Edriss Fermilien : Public Toilet Manager
Edriss Fermilien: Public Toilet Manager

Villa Fermilien : Public Toilet Manager
Villa Fermilien: Public Toilet Manager

Iranye Fleurant : Public Toilet Manager
Iranye Fleurant: Public Toilet Manager

Pierre Reginald : Public Toilet Manager
Pierre Reginald: Public Toilet Manager

Tonius Siney : Public Toilet Manager
Tonius Siney: Public Toilet Manager

Dorat Jean : Collection Team Member
Dorat Jean: Collection Team Member

Andre Vedrine : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Andre Vedrine: Compost Site Groundskeeper

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Cap-Haitien Composting Department

Balnave Milien : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Balnave Milien: Compost Site Groundskeeper

Wilfrid Pierre : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Wilfrid Pierre: Compost Site Groundskeeper

Antoine Louis : Compost Site Security
Antoine Louis: Compost Site Security

Wylio Jean Jacques : Compost Team
Wylio Jean Jacques: Compost Team

Job Etienne : Composting Coordinator
Job Etienne: Composting Coordinator

Marckindy Etienne : Agriculture Research Assistant
Marckindy Etienne: Agriculture Research Assistant

Jean Delinoit : Agriculture Team
Jean Delinoit: Agriculture Team

Jean Claude Flerimond : Agriculture Team
Jean Claude Flerimond: Agriculture Team

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Cap-Haitien Logistics

Adeline Normeus : Kitchen Manager
Adeline Normeus: Kitchen Manager

Josaphat Augustin : Technical Director
Josaphat Augustin: Technical Director

Fisma Morency : Technical Coordinator
Fisma Morency: Technical Coordinator

Louis Ruben Paciany : Technical Assistant
Louis Ruben Paciany: Technical Assistant

Angelot Dubois : Driver
Angelot Dubois: Driver

Frantz-Andre Gustave : Driver
Frantz-Andre Gustave: Driver

Moise Ismick : Driver
Moise Ismick: Driver

John Dorcin : Night Security
John Dorcin: Night Security

Louvens Charles : Support Staff
Louvens Charles: Support Staff

Newton Toussaint : Office Groundskeeper
Newton Toussaint: Office Groundskeeper

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Port-au-Prince Administration

Baudeler Magloire : Regional Director
Baudeler Magloire: Regional Director

Wisner Jean-Louis : Human Resources Director
Wisner Jean-Louis: Human Resources Director

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Port-au-Prince Sanitation Department

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Port-au-Prince Composting Department

Herve Louis Jeune : Composting Coordinator
Herve Louis Jeune: Composting Coordinator

Francois Luc : Compost Site Security Supervisor
Francois Luc: Compost Site Security Supervisor

Junior Dalphis : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Junior Dalphis: Compost Site Groundskeeper

Daniel Louidor : Composting Site Security
Daniel Louidor: Composting Site Security

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Port-au-Prince Logistics

Fred “Dodo” Doll : Technical Director
Fred “Dodo” Doll: Technical Director

Maxan Pierre Louis : Driver
Maxan Pierre Louis: Driver

Lomene Sirin : Cook, Office Support
Lomene Sirin: Cook, Office Support

Dorlus Rebert : Weekend Security
Dorlus Rebert: Weekend Security

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Organization Support and Strategy

Dr. Sasha Kramer : Executive Director
Dr. Sasha Kramer: Executive Director

Nick Preneta : Deputy Director
Nick Preneta: Deputy Director

Leah Nevada Page Jean : Business Development Director
Leah Nevada Page Jean: Business Development Director

Erica Lloyd : Systems Director
Erica Lloyd: Systems Director

Deirdre Redden : Finance Director
Deirdre Redden: Finance Director

Julie Jeliazovski : Compost Program Advisor
Julie Jeliazovski: Compost Program Advisor

Patricia Kramer : Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer
Patricia Kramer: Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer

Jessica Laporte : EkoLakay Program Advisor
Jessica Laporte: EkoLakay Program Advisor

Natalie Miller : Deputy Development Director
Natalie Miller: Deputy Development Director

Pierre Victony Saint-Louis : Assistant Systems Director
Pierre Victony Saint-Louis: Assistant Systems Director

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