140428 Team CAP Office BrandSOIL’s 79 staff are united by a passion for promoting dignity, health, and sustainable development in Haiti. We share a belief that in transforming wastes into resources, we can help restore Haiti’s beauty and vitality. Over 90% of our staff are Haitian and they are local to the neighborhoods we serve. This helps us build respectful programs that meet local needs and incorporate community feedback at every step of the development process.

Meet the SOIL Team

Port-au-Prince   Cap-Haitien   Organizational Support and Strategy


Port-au-Prince Administration

Baudeler Magloire : Regional Director
Baudeler Magloire: Regional Director
Baudeler has worked with SOIL since its inception in 2006. A dynamic community leader, Baudeler became a local government official in his hometown of Milot before his thirtieth birthday. Ever dedicated to SOIL's work, Baudeler has divided his time between Port-au-Prince and Milot ever since the 2010 earthquake. His passion, intelligence, spirited presence, and light heart keep the entire SOIL team inspired.

Ghislaine Jean Louis : Administrative Director
Ghislaine Jean Louis: Administrative Director
Ghislaine came to SOIL in December of 2012 after working at Univeristé Cumoh. She is married and has three children, two sons and a daughter. Even though she stays very busy with her work at SOIL, she also manages a small preschool. Ghislaine loves the work that SOIL does, and gained an even greater appreciation after lending a hand at the compost site for a morning. Her favorite thing about working for SOIL? “I love the whole SOIL staff!”

Wisner Jean-Louis : Human Resources Director
Wisner Jean-Louis: Human Resources Director
Wisner has a degree in management from Carïbe University and a certificate in Human Resources from Quick Learning Haiti. After serving as SOIL’s interim Administrative Director and as Administrative Assistant for Catholic Relief Services, Wisner rejoined SOIL’s team as the Director of Human Resources in 2015. SOIL’s work to transform waste into resources in Haiti is a cause that is close to his heart. When he’s not working to ensure everything is running smoothly for SOIL’s 90+ employees, Wisner enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, visiting the beach, and cheering on Haiti’s national soccer team.

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Port-au-Prince Sanitation Department

Herby Sanon : Sanitation Coordinator
Herby Sanon: Sanitation Coordinator
Herby first learned of SOIL when we began working in the Park Izmery tent camp immediately following the earthquake. He has been with SOIL since January 2011 and is very proud to be working not just for a great organization, but also for the development of Haiti. Though he misses his parents and siblings back in his hometown of Les Cayes, he truly feels that he’s found a home with the SOIL family.

Fabienne Nevil : EkoLakay Supervisor
Fabienne Nevil: EkoLakay Supervisor
Fabienne holds a degree in sanitation from ISFCS and the Ministry of Public Health and Population, as well as a license in accounting from the University of Port-au-Prince. Fabienne has volunteered with the Haitian Red Cross since 2010 and has long facilitated public health trainings throughout Port-au-Prince. Since joining SOIL in 2016, Fabienne has helped to expand EkoLakay’s toilet service, facilitated community outreach, and ensured continued customer satisfaction. In her free time, Fabienne enjoys dancing and listening to music.

Davidson Ulysses : Collection Team Supervisor
Davidson Ulysses: Collection Team Supervisor
Davidson first learned of SOIL when he was living in a tent camp after the earthquake. At the camp, he was valuable volunteer on the management committee for the public toilets built by SOIL. Davidson now helps run the bi-weekly drum collection service for SOIL’s toilets throughout Port-au-Prince. Before coming to work for SOIL Davidson studied mechanics and he hopes to someday start a heavy machinery import business. He lives in the Delmas 33 neighborhood with his father and his brother.

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Port-au-Prince Composting Department

Jean Marie Noel : Composting Director
Jean Marie Noel: Composting Director
Originally from Jacmel, SOIL agronomist Jean-Marie first learned of SOIL in 2005 from our EcoSan toilet at Eglise Saint-Claire, where he was working with famed Haitian activist Father Gerard Jean-Juste. Jean Marie studied Agronomy at the Universite Episcopal D’Haiti (UNEPH). Prior to working with SOIL, Jean Marie taught Chemistry and Biology. He has been with SOIL since 2010 and loves working in SOIL’s experimental garden and the educating others on the uses of compost.

Herve Louis Jeune : Composting Coordinator
Herve Louis Jeune: Composting Coordinator
When Herve came to SOIL in 2014, it took just a few days for everyone to begin calling him "Fre Herve" (Brother Herve). Known for his bright smile and infectious laugh, he's truly happy to be working at SOIL and loves the way the team works together. When he's not working hard at SOIL's experimental garden, Herve enjoys spending time with his wife and children at home.

Junior Bazar : Compost Team
Junior Bazar: Compost Team
Junior first learned of SOIL through agronomist Jean Marie Noel. Originally from Jeremie in the Grand Anse region of Haiti, Junior believes in the potential for SOIL’s work to strengthen Haiti, particularly in the agricultural sector. He is very proud of the experience he’s gained working with SOIL, as well as his in-depth understanding of Ecological Sanitation’s many benefits. Junior graduated at the top of his class and is keen to send his children to college when the time comes.

Rocheteau Bertrand : Compost Team
Rocheteau Bertrand: Compost Team
Rocheteau was born in Port-au-Prince and lives in the Cite Soleil community. He came across SOIL when the organization installed toilets in Cite Soleil following the 2010 earthquake. Rocheteau began volunteering with SOIL and eventually joined the compost team later that year. Rocheteau loves working at SOIL because he says “It’s like a family for me.”

Gaspard Sanet : Compost Team
Gaspard Sanet: Compost Team
Gaspard was born and raised in Cite Soleil, and like his co-worker Franz, found SOIL through SAKALA. An active participant in SAKALA’s many activities, Gaspard is particularly proud of his efforts in the “Tap-tap Garden" and is grateful for how it helped prepare him for his work with SOIL. Outside of work, Gaspard stays busy finishing school and taking care of his two children.

Francois Luc : Compost Site Security Supervisor
Francois Luc: Compost Site Security Supervisor
Francois Luc, known around SOIL as Bos Luc, is responsible for overseeing and maintaining our waste treatment site at Trutier. A waste treatment center in the middle of the city dump isn’t an easy place to make beautiful, but Bos Luc takes pride in keeping Trutier in good form. When work isn’t keeping him busy, he enjoys being at home with his four daughters and three sons.

Junior Dalphis : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Junior Dalphis: Compost Site Groundskeeper
Junior Dalphis first learned of SOIL’s waste treatment site at Trutier through a friend who works for SMCRS, the government authority managing the city dump. Junior works hard on the crew at Trutier, but his real passion is computers. He credits his job with SOIL for helping him work towards a lifelong goal, as his paycheck from SOIL has made it possible for him to enroll in night classes in Information Technology. We’re all looking forward to the day when Junior takes over as SOIL Tech Guru!

Daniel Louidor : Composting Site Security
Daniel Louidor: Composting Site Security
Since December 2016, Daniel has worked nights at our composting site in Titayen as a security guard. He wants to support SOIL so that it can grow year in and year out and expand access to sanitation throughout Haiti. Though he enjoys his job, his dream is to one day become a historian, and he doesn’t go far without a book on world history.

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Port-au-Prince Logistics

Fred “Dodo” Doll : Technical Director
Fred “Dodo” Doll: Technical Director
Dodo met Sasha on her first trip to Haiti in 2004, and he was a committed SOIL volunteer from the beginning. Dodo started working for SOIL full-time in 2009 when he used his skills as a mechanic to help SOIL pick out a reliable truck – no easy task in Haiti! He also was the first person we called when SOIL moved to Port-au-Prince following the 2010 earthquake. Dodo says he loves working for SOIL because “I believe in what we are building together in this country.”

Everne Lafalaise : Depot Manager
Everne Lafalaise: Depot Manager
Originally from Jacmel, Lafalez has the important job of overseeing all of the pieces and parts that allow SOIL’s EcoSan technology to be put into action. He first heard of SOIL through Agronomist Jean-Marie Noel and has been overseeing the SOIL depot since 2011. He is very proud of SOIL’s work in Haiti and hopes that EcoSan will continue to spread throughout the country.

Maxan Pierre Louis : Driver
Maxan Pierre Louis: Driver
Anyone who comes highly recommended by our Logisitics Coordinator is sure to be a talented mechanic and skilled driver, and Maxan is no exception. Maxan joined the SOIL team in the spring of 2013 and is known for his gentle smile even when fighting traffic in the streets of Port-au-Prince. Maxan stays busy after work with his studies at college, which he is pursuing to improve himself and his future.

Herby Lucien : Driver
Herby Lucien: Driver
A native of Port-au-Prince, Herby Lucien lives with his family just down the street from the SOIL office. He really loves SOIL’s work, especially its positive impact on the environment. Like many young Haitians, he has many goals, including going back to school in order to complete his high school diploma and one days studying law.

Myrlande Jean Pierre : Housekeeper
Myrlande Jean Pierre: Housekeeper
Myrlande took up the post as a SOIL housekeeper from her mother, our dear Lelene, who passed away in January 2015. As the eldest in her family, Myrlande also has a side business selling household items in order to help support her brothers and sisters. According to Myrlande, SOIL’s work is so important for Haiti because it encourages hygiene and creates jobs.  

Ginette Ogene : Assistant Housekeeper
Ginette Ogene: Assistant Housekeeper
After spending most of her childhood in rural Haiti, Ginette returned to the Port-au-Prince area in 1998.  Years later, her aunt Lelene, SOIL's head housekeeper, recruited Ginette to lend an extra hand around the office, and she quickly proved her worth. She's spent her days at SOIL ever since, while her evenings are spent working towards finishing her diploma or reading for fun.

Lomene Sirin : Cook, Office Support
Lomene Sirin: Cook, Office Support
Lomene first got to know SOIL staff in 2010 after the SOIL Port-au-Prince office opened in her neighborhood and she became SOIL a staff person herself in 2014. The hot and nutritious lunches that she prepares from scratch are the highlights of our days. Lomene’s favorite thing to do is to sit down to a family meal with her four children.

Julien Jean-Baptiste : Office Groundskeeper
Julien Jean-Baptiste: Office Groundskeeper
Julien is the eyes, ears, and heart of the SOIL house. Born and raised in Jacmel, Julien has lived in Port-au-Prince since 1978. He first heard of SOIL through Sasha, whom he met when SOIL began working in Port-au-Prince after the earthquake. Julien is truly our caretaker, making sure both the SOIL team and the home-office are looked after.

Denis Jean-Baptiste : Night Security
Denis Jean-Baptiste: Night Security
Denis Jean-Baptiste learned about SOIL through his father, Julien, and shares his positive attitude and kind smile. Denis enjoys working security and in the office garden. He is happy to work for an organization that gives people courage and strength, and is proud of having a job that supports his wife and son.

Herode Pierre : Night Security
Herode Pierre: Night Security
Born in Les Cayes, Herode has lived in Port-au-Prince since 1993 and has been working as SOIL’s night security with his partner Gustav since after the earthquake in 2010. Herrod enjoys the relaxed, stress-free attitude of the SOIL staff, who he says are a pleasure to work with. Herrod’s brother and three sisters also live in Port-au-Prince.

Dorlus Rebert : Weekend Security
Dorlus Rebert: Weekend Security
A ceramic and tiling mason by trade, Dorlus doesn't mind hanging up his tool belt to help out on the weekends at SOIL. "When I heard about the organization, the work it was doing in reforestation and in helping so many communities around Port-au-Prince, I wanted to know how I could get involved," he says. Though he obviously stays quite busy, Dorlus also enjoys exercising and sports in his free time.

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Romel Toussaint : Regional Director
Romel Toussaint: Regional Director
Romel has been working for SOIL since 2010, and was promoted to Cap-Haitien Regional Director in early 2016 after excelling for many years as Agricultural Director. Romel is an excellent mobilizer of the team in Cap-Haitien and brings an enthusiasm for permaculture, environmental restoration, and agriculture to his work. He has previous experience managing projects with a range of international organizations including USAID, World Vision, and the United Nations Peacekeeping mission. Romel holds an Agronomy degree from Université Chrétienne du Nord d’Haïti.

Nathalie François : Administrative Director
Nathalie François: Administrative Director
Nathalie was born and raised in Cap-Haitien where she studied Economics, Administrative Informatics, and Medical Technology in order to prepare herself as best as possible for the professional working world. With her varied experience, she brings order and a smile to the many goings on in the SOIL office. In her free time, she loves watching movies.

Frantz Jean Louis : Administrative Coordinator
Frantz Jean Louis: Administrative Coordinator
Frantz has worked for SOIL since 2014 when he first joined the organization as a student intern while he completed his Bachelor’s in Agronomy from Universite Chretienne du Nord d’Haiti and finalized a certificate in accounting at DHCT. Now as the Administrative Coordinator, he supports payroll, bookkeeping, and operations in our Cap Haitien office. Frantz loves being on the administrative side of SOIL’s work, while being able to support his dream for Haiti, which is to maximize the country’s agricultural production by replenishing the soil.

Merlande Charles : Receptionist/Community Educator
Merlande Charles: Receptionist/Community Educator
Merlande is a native of Cap-Haitien where she studied Bio-Informatics. Merlande is very happy to be working with SOIL, and when asked how she spends her free time Merlande laughs and says, “Free time? I'm always working!” Merlande is always ready to lend a hand, even on evenings or weekends (however, a reliable source says that Merlande once took sewing classes and is still known to sew from time to time). We greatly appreciate her dedication!

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Cap-Haitien Sanitation Department

Emmanuel Antoine : Director of Sanitation
Emmanuel Antoine: Director of Sanitation
Originally from Cap-Haitian, Emmanuel began working with SOIL in 2012 as a consultant. He studied Economics and Law at Universite D'Etat an Haiti, and has worked for a number of international organizations including OxFam GB, The European Union, and World Vision. In his spare time Emmanuel enjoys music and dancing.

Erinold Frederic : EkoLakay Program Director
Erinold Frederic: EkoLakay Program Director
Originally from the coastal town of Borgne, Erinold moved to Cap-Haitien in 2008 in order to work for SOIL and to enroll in university to train to be a laboratory technician. Public health remains the center of Erinold’s pursuits and he is glad to be a part of SOIL’s mission to improve conditions in Haiti through the implementation of ecological sanitation efforts.

Algate Joseph : Sanitation Coordinator
Algate Joseph: Sanitation Coordinator
Before coming to work for SOIL, Algate studied nursing in her hometown of Trou-du-Nord. She worked with cholera treatment in the local hospital and the American Red Cross’s community cholera awareness program. Algate loves learning new things and spends much of her free time expanding her knowledge through reading and research, so learning about EcoSan through her work at SOIL has been a major highlight. She also enjoys spending time at home and going for walks.

Madame Bwa : Community Ambassador
Madame Bwa: Community Ambassador
Madame Bwa is a stand-out community organizer and liaison in the Cap-Haitien neighborhood of Shada, where she lives with her family and many grandchildren. Since 2007, Madame Bwa has helped to promote hygiene and EcoSan education, host educational trainings, manage toilets, and facilitate SOIL tours to Shada. She has played a critical role in every project SOIL has undertaken in Shada, and we are eternally grateful for her dedication, passion, and leadership skills.

Diesson Cadet : Public Toilet Manager
Diesson Cadet: Public Toilet Manager
Diesson comes from the Cap-Haitien community of Shada, where he works as one of SOIL's public toilet managers. Diesson works to ensure that the toilets are kept in clean working order, and that the public is well-educated about the proper use of SOIL’s EcoSan toilets and hand-washing stations. A talented rapper, Diesson, along with fellow SOIL employee and brother  Jocelyn, has broken into the Haitian music scene with two original CDs!

Edriss Fermilien : Public Toilet Manager
Edriss Fermilien: Public Toilet Manager
Edriss is a toilet manager in the Shada neighborhood of Cap-Haitien. A hard worker, Edriss is happiest when he is busy! He is particularly happy to work with SOIL because he believes that his work is helping to improve the health of his community. When Edriss is not working, he enjoys spending time with his brother Villa, who is also a member of the SOIL team.

Villa Fermilien : Public Toilet Manager
Villa Fermilien: Public Toilet Manager
Villa is a resident of the Shada community of Cap-Haitien, where he works as a toilet manager. The health and well-being of his community is important to Villa, as is his extended family. Villa is a professional seamster and, in addition to his work with SOIL, he makes and sells clothing.

Iranye Fleurant : Public Toilet Manager
Iranye Fleurant: Public Toilet Manager
Iranye, who is known around SOIL by his nickname, Sego, lives in Shada, where he works as a toilet manager for SOIL. A gardener and a family man, Sego is pleased to be working with an organization that focuses on public heath and sustainable agriculture. Sego and his family enjoy taking trips to nearby beaches.

Pierre Reginald : Public Toilet Manager
Pierre Reginald: Public Toilet Manager
Pierre, who loves working for SOIL, is one of our reliable and hard-working toilet managers in Shada, the Cap-Haitien neighborhood where he grew up. When he’s not managing public toilets and promoting EcoSan awareness, Pierre enjoys fishing, painting, and honing his carpentry skills.

Tonius Siney : Public Toilet Manager
Tonius Siney: Public Toilet Manager
Bos Tony, as he is known, lives and works in Shada as one of our dedicated toilet managers. His work includes making sure that the toilets are clean and stocked, engaging in community outreach and education, and helping to collect data for SOIL about toilet usage. Much of Bos Tony’s free time is devoted to working on construction projects.

Dorat Jean : Collection Team Member
Dorat Jean: Collection Team Member
Dorat is an essential member of our service collection team and, luckily for SOIL, doubles as our office handy-man. His resourcefulness extends beyond the realm of his work for SOIL, and he runs a number of small business ventures including a home movie theater and a pay-per-use public toilet. Dorat is a serious soccer enthusiast, especially when it comes to the rivalry between SOIL's Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince office teams!

Andre Vedrine : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Andre Vedrine: Compost Site Groundskeeper
Andre truly enjoys his job at SOIL and everyone he works with. He is from Limonade, just minutes from the SOIL office, and when he is not working he likes to ride his bicycle around town. He also loves to spend time with his family, which includes seven children and one grandchild.

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Cap-Haitien Composting Department

Balnave Milien : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Balnave Milien: Compost Site Groundskeeper
Balnave grew up in Roucou, Limonade, next door to the land that now houses the compost site where he works with SOIL. He is responsible for sieving bagasse and finished compost, dumping and cleaning drums, and providing on-site security. Balnave has loved soccer since he was a child, and enjoys kicking a ball around in his spare time.

Wilfrid Pierre : Compost Site Groundskeeper
Wilfrid Pierre: Compost Site Groundskeeper
Wilfride has worked at SOIL's North Haiti compost site since 2012. He is skilled at his duties of handling compost, cleaning equipment, and working as a security guard. In his of hours, Wilfride also works as a moto-taxi driver, and is saving up money to purchase his own motorcycle. Family is an important part of his life, and he spends as much time with them as possible.

Antoine Louis : Compost Site Security
Antoine Louis: Compost Site Security

Bio coming soon! ........................................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................

Wylio Jean Jacques : Compost Team
Wylio Jean Jacques: Compost Team
Before he landed in Cap-Haitian, Wylio lived in Petit-Guaves and Port-au-Prince. Wylio loves working with SOIL, and is proud of the active role he plays in the sustainable development of Haiti. In his free time, he loves reading and participating in all kinds of sports - particularly slack-lining with his friend and co-worker Louvens.

Job Etienne : Composting Coordinator
Job Etienne: Composting Coordinator
As a skilled agronomist, Job works hard to promote positive changes at the SOIL farm and compost site. Job loves listening to music, playing soccer, and spending time with his family. Some of our fuzzier office friends have recently decided that they also would like to be a part of his family, and so Job is regularly tailed by a small entourage of baby goats!

Marckindy Etienne : Agriculture Research Assistant
Marckindy Etienne: Agriculture Research Assistant
Marckindy is an agronomy engineer that graduated from the Christian University of Northern Haiti. He came to SOIL in June 2012 as our very first agriculture intern. After completing his research project and graduating, he came back to join our staff and help with running SOIL's agriculture internship program. He is dedicated to agriculture development and takes part in various organizations, inlcuding serving as the director of Research for CREAN, a student agriculture research framework.

Jean Delinoit : Agriculture Team
Jean Delinoit: Agriculture Team
Jean was born in the northern town of Limonade, nearby the SOIL office. Jean worked in agriculture and construction for five years in the Dominican Republic before returning to work in his old neighborhood. Jean is happy to be back in Haiti, engaged in work that will help advance his country. A resourceful guy, Jean would like to create a family business in the future.

Jean Claude Flerimond : Agriculture Team
Jean Claude Flerimond: Agriculture Team
Jean Claude works on our North Haiti farm, where he not only takes care of the garden, but tends to the animals as well. Jean Claude is an excellent problem-solver, and is constantly working to improve and beautify the gardens. When he’s not in the garden, Jean-Claude services toilets at some of SOIL’s more remote sites - which he loves doing on SOIL’s 3-wheel moto!

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Cap-Haitien Logistics

Josaphat Augustin : Technical Director
Josaphat Augustin: Technical Director
An incredible team leader and master toilet constructor, Josaphat oversees all of SOIL's technical activities in the north. He is enthusiastic about working with and improving SOIL’s compost system. Josapha works with communities in order to educate people about the incredible benefits of ecological sanitation, and he hopes to continue developing his leadership skills.

Fisma Morency : Technical Coordinator
Fisma Morency: Technical Coordinator
Around SOIL, everyone knows Fisma as "Bos Mo," a jack-of-all-Trades whose duties range from working as a mechanic on the SOIL vehicles to managing construction projects. Bos Mo loves working for SOIL, and the feeling is mutual. He is an incredible asset to the team and to the world around him. Bos Mo is proud to be supporting the education of his four children.

Louis Ruben Paciany : Technical Assistant
Louis Ruben Paciany: Technical Assistant
Louis Ruben Paciany is from Cap-Haitien and has been with SOIL since September of 2013 assisting in their technical department. He has a passion for building furniture in his spare time, and his skill in construction and repairs has been invaluable to our team. When asked what he likes about working with SOIL he responded with an enthusiastic “Everything!”

Angelot Dubois : Driver
Angelot Dubois: Driver
Angelot Dubois is one of our trusty drivers, who is frequently to be found behind the wheel of SOIL's beloved Poopmobile. Outside of his work with SOIL, Angelot is an active member of the Cap-Haitien community of Shada, where he lives with his family. When he has time, Angelot likes to go to Lakil, his family land, to work in the garden.

Frantz-Andre Gustave : Driver
Frantz-Andre Gustave: Driver
Fanfan is one of our fellow drivers. He is from Cap-Haitien and joined SOIL in March 2013, first as a volunteer then as an employee. He is a former agriculture technician that worked on watershed conservation in central Haiti. Fanfan is dedicated to his three children and wife. He loves driving while listening to his favorite superstar jazz formation, Tropicana.

Moise Ismick : Driver
Moise Ismick: Driver
Moise alternates between driving the Poopmobile and some of SOIL’s standard transportation trucks, but his passion is for large vehicles. If and when SOIL expands its farm in North Haiti, we hope that Moise will be our tractor-driver! When he is not at work, Moise enjoys spending time with his family and visiting northern Haiti’s beautiful beaches.

Rose Marie Myrtil : Cook/Housekeeper
Rose Marie Myrtil: Cook/Housekeeper
We adore Rose Marie, our cook and housekeeper at the SOIL office. Rose Marie keeps us well-fed with her culinary delights- a SOIL staff favorite is her fried chicken with black bean sauce. Rose Marie says that she loves everything about working with SOIL and is proud of her work, and pleased with the fact that everything functions so well.

John Dorcin : Night Security
John Dorcin: Night Security
John is from the northern town of Limonade and joined the SOIL staff in August 2013. He is happy to be working with such a good team and aspires to become a driver for SOIL one day. John loves to learn new things and is attending university; his favorite subject is Spanish, as he enjoys picking up new languages.

Wilner “Met” Pierre : Security
Wilner “Met” Pierre: Security
Met is a long-time SOIL staff member, and currently works as our office security guard and as an ambassador to the nearby town of Dubout, where he helps to facilitate community relations. An avid gardener, Met is a huge fan of SOIL's compost and is quick to explain its advantages over chemical fertilizers.

Louvens Charles : Support Staff
Louvens Charles: Support Staff
We're grateful that Louvens, a native of Port-de-Paix, found his way to Cap-Haitian and to SOIL. Charles works at both our farm and compost site, and helps out with a variety of activities - from sieving bagasse to constructing toilets. Charles has an active live outside of work and is a member of the Haitian Scouts, a motorcycle enthusiast, a dedicated slackliner, and a talented artist.

Newton Toussaint : Office Groundskeeper
Newton Toussaint: Office Groundskeeper
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Organization Support and Strategy

Dr. Sasha Kramer : Executive Director
Dr. Sasha Kramer: Executive Director
Dr. Sasha Kramer is an ecologist and human rights advocate who has been living and working in Haiti since 2004. She received her Ph.D. in Ecology from Stanford University in 2006 and co-founded SOIL that same year while also completing a postdoctoral research position with the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects at Stanford. While Sasha spends the majority of her time living and working in Haiti, she is also a global advocate for the recycling of nutrients in human waste, helping others implement sustainable sanitation projects and inspiring people around the world to participate in the sanitation revolution. Sasha is an Adjunct Professor of International Studies and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Miami. She is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, an Architect of the Future with the Waldzell Institute, and 2014 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

Nick Preneta : Deputy Director
Nick Preneta: Deputy Director
Nick has a Master’s in Public Health from Tufts University and has been working with SOIL since 2010, after first moving to Haiti in 2005. Nick was instrumental in coordinating SOIL’s emergency response after the 2010 earthquake and in opening the Port-au-Prince office. Nick currently oversees operations, manages Human Resources for both of SOIL’s offices, and is responsible for SOIL’s consultancy services.

Leah Nevada Page Jean : Development Director
Leah Nevada Page Jean: Development Director
Leah spent many years as SOIL’s volunteer “Pro-Bono Development Director,” squeezing trips to Haiti between jobs with the United Nations, Mercy Corps, and other global relief agencies, before joining SOIL full time in 2010. What she most loves about SOIL are that their ecological sanitation efforts are designed in collaboration with the Haitian communities they are designed to benefit and that her colleagues are whole-heartedly dedicated to developing viable, ecological solutions to problems that were previously viewed as intractable. Leah is currently living in beautiful Jacmel, Haiti with her family, and making frequent trips to the SOIL offices in Cap-Haitien and Port-au-Prince.

Erica Lloyd : Systems Director
Erica Lloyd: Systems Director
After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Teaching, Erica spent over a decade as the Program Director of a youth advocacy project. Erica came to SOIL in 2013 after falling in love with the organization’s mission. “Improving the health of Haiti’s communities, environment, and economy, all in this one program – it’s a gift to be a part of such an amazing organization.”

Pierre Victony Saint-Louis : Assistant Systems Director
Pierre Victony Saint-Louis: Assistant Systems Director
Victony has been SOIL’s resident computer genius since 2016, managing databases and providing IT support to both of SOIL’s offices. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ecole Supérieure d’Infotronique d’Haiti, Victony spent a year working as a technology assistant at a high school in Pennsylvania. He’s passionate about using his technical expertise to facilitate the growth of ecological sanitation across Haiti and plays the guitar in his free time.

Deirdre Redden : Finance Director
Deirdre Redden: Finance Director
Deirdre is responsible for development and management of SOIL’s annual budget, financial reporting, and tax and audit preparation and reporting. Prior to joining SOIL, Deirdre was the Director of Finance and Administration at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, a historic house museum in Hartford, CT. Deirdre also has previous experience working as an independent consultant specializing in development and implementation of business and strategic plans. Deirdre has an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut and a B.A. in Economics from Trinity College. In addition to her work for SOIL, Deirdre also serves as Finance Director for the Center for Children’s Advocacy.

Molly Case : Deputy Development Director
Molly Case: Deputy Development Director
Molly first worked at SOIL’s Port-au-Prince office from 2012 to 2013 after completing an economics thesis at Reed College examining sustainable financial models for small nonprofit organizations that included a case study of SOIL. Molly then rejoined the SOIL team in 2016 after working with with a charter school network in New York City.

Natalie Miller : Communications and Development Associate
Natalie Miller: Communications and Development Associate
Natalie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Global Studies from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining SOIL, she worked alongside frontline movements to advocate for food sovereignty, alternative economies, and land rights as Other Worlds' Media and Education Coordinator. Passionate about cultivating creative and meaningful alternatives for a world in crisis, Natalie is honored to be working with SOIL's visionary team in Haiti as they pioneer an ecological solution to one of the world's toughest challenges.

Julie Jeliazovski : Compost Program Advisor
Julie Jeliazovski: Compost Program Advisor
Julie is a French EHS and Risks Management Engineer with a Masters in Waste Management, from Cranfield University (England). Before joining SOIL in 2016, Julie volunteered for NGOs in Peru and India for almost a year, feeding her love of travels and cultural diversity. A master’s thesis on the efficiency of poo-based compost from Madagascar had already turned her into a compost-lover, so joining SOIL seemed like an obvious decision. Whenever she can, Julie loves dancing, especially salsa and bachata.

Jessica Laporte : EkoLakay Program Advisor
Jessica Laporte: EkoLakay Program Advisor
Originally from Vermont, Haiti has been home to Jess for more than three years. Jess graduated from Tufts University with a degree in International Relations and a concentration in Global Health, Nutrition, and the Environment. One month later she was in Haiti to launch a clean water business, Kouzin Dlo. In her spare time, you can find her on the beach or around a table in Port-au-Prince with community leaders and members of Konbit Soley Leve.

Patricia Kramer : Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer
Patricia Kramer: Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer
Since the beginning, Pat has been the secret behind SOIL’s success. SOIL would have stumbled to a halt long ago if Pat hadn’t been there to send out thank you letters, receive in-kind donations, negotiate complicated international bank transfers, receive middle-of-the-night phone calls from SOIL’s Executive Director (her daughter!), and be an unwavering and passionate advocate of SOIL’s work in Haiti. Pat lives in upstate New York.

Erica Simon : Design Consultant
Erica Simon: Design Consultant
In 2002, Erica began design work at a cooperative business in Portland, Oregon where she was employed as a Marketing Manager. The marketing message at this company focused on equitable business structure, sustainable/empowering food and economic and community systems, and ecological stewardship. When she moved to NYC in 2006, she reconfigured her efforts to freelance graphic design and website construction with a focus in branding. Since then, Erica has worked with clients ranging from small grassroots non-profits to large multi-national corporations. She is also a jewelry designer and founded ‘Diyite,’ a project in which she sells Haitian jewelry alongside her semi-precious versions inspired by the Haitian pieces. Proceeds from both are donated directly to SOIL. Erica is the design genius that we turn to for help with "the look" of SOIL's outreach materials.

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