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SOIL’s staff are united by a passion for promoting dignity, health, and sustainable development in Haiti. We share a belief that in transforming wastes into resources, we can help restore Haiti’s beauty and vitality. The majority of our staff are Haitian and they are local to the neighborhoods we serve. This helps us build respectful programs that meet local needs while also supporting Haiti’s long-term economic development.

Meet the SOIL Team

Cap-Haitien   Port-au-Prince   Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Management and Support


Cap-Haitien Administration

Romel Toussaint : Senior Manager
Romel Toussaint: Senior Manager

Frantz Jean Louis : Administrative Director
Frantz Jean Louis: Administrative Director

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Cap-Haitien Sanitation Department

Sebastien Jabouin Jacques : EkoLakay Manager
Sebastien Jabouin Jacques: EkoLakay Manager

Pierre Reginald : Depot Supervisor
Pierre Reginald: Depot Supervisor

Algate Joseph : EkoLakay Coordinator
Algate Joseph: EkoLakay Coordinator

Edriss Fermilien : EkoLakay Coordinator
Edriss Fermilien: EkoLakay Coordinator

Yvrose Pailleur : EkoLakay Coordinator
Yvrose Pailleur: EkoLakay Coordinator

Iranier Fleurant : EkoLakay Coordinator
Iranier Fleurant: EkoLakay Coordinator

Junior Bonhomme : EkoLakay Client Services Agent
Junior Bonhomme: EkoLakay Client Services Agent

Wilford Sylvain : EkoLakay Client Services Agent
Wilford Sylvain: EkoLakay Client Services Agent

Gamael Joseph : EkoLakay Collector
Gamael Joseph: EkoLakay Collector

Phatuel Julmice : EkoLakay Collector
Phatuel Julmice: EkoLakay Collector

Jocelyn Cadet : EkoLakay Collector
Jocelyn Cadet: EkoLakay Collector

Jodlin Jospeh : EkoLakay Collector
Jodlin Jospeh: EkoLakay Collector

Lucner Marcelin : EkoLakay Collector
Lucner Marcelin: EkoLakay Collector

Wilguet Guilliame : EkoLakay Collector
Wilguet Guilliame: EkoLakay Collector

Angelot Dubois : EkoLakay Driver
Angelot Dubois: EkoLakay Driver

Yvenel Louis Fils : Security
Yvenel Louis Fils: Security

Oclanne Etienne : Security
Oclanne Etienne: Security

Adius Jeannot : Security
Adius Jeannot: Security

Wisterly Jean : Security
Wisterly Jean: Security

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Cap-Haitien Composting Department

Marckindy Etienne Volcima : Compost Site Supervisor
Marckindy Etienne Volcima: Compost Site Supervisor

Lucny Joasil : Assistant Composting Supervisor
Lucny Joasil: Assistant Composting Supervisor

Job Etienne : Composting Manager
Job Etienne: Composting Manager

Jose Lenot Philistin : Lab Technician
Jose Lenot Philistin: Lab Technician

Angeliciy Desir : Compost Site Staff
Angeliciy Desir: Compost Site Staff

Nazulia Dejoie : Compost Site Staff
Nazulia Dejoie: Compost Site Staff

Sylvestre Blot : Compost Site Staff
Sylvestre Blot: Compost Site Staff

Wilfrid Pierre : Compost Site Staff
Wilfrid Pierre: Compost Site Staff

Georgette François : Compost Site Staff
Georgette François: Compost Site Staff

John Dorcin : Compost Site Staff
John Dorcin: Compost Site Staff

Louinel Louis : Security
Louinel Louis: Security

Carlo Bernadin : Security
Carlo Bernadin: Security

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Cap-Haitien Logistics

Fisma Morency : Logistics Coordinator
Fisma Morency: Logistics Coordinator

Louis Ruben Paciany : Technical Assistant
Louis Ruben Paciany: Technical Assistant

Louvens Charles : Office Assistant
Louvens Charles: Office Assistant

Adeline Normeus : Housekeeper
Adeline Normeus: Housekeeper

Macula Estimable : Housekeeper
Macula Estimable: Housekeeper

Jhonsy Joseph : Driver
Jhonsy Joseph: Driver

Newton Toussaint : Security
Newton Toussaint: Security

Mael Jean : Security
Mael Jean: Security

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Non-Profit and Social Enterprise Management and Support

Dr. Sasha Kramer : Executive Director
Dr. Sasha Kramer: Executive Director

Nick Preneta : Chief Operating Officer
Nick Preneta: Chief Operating Officer

Claire Remington : Deputy Director of Research and Innovation
Claire Remington: Deputy Director of Research and Innovation

Wisner Jean-Louis : Human Resources Director
Wisner Jean-Louis: Human Resources Director

Adgnalie Charles : Sales and Marketing Assistant
Adgnalie Charles: Sales and Marketing Assistant

Julie Jeliazovski : Engineering & Logistics Consultant
Julie Jeliazovski: Engineering & Logistics Consultant

Patricia Kramer : Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer
Patricia Kramer: Donor Outreach and International Liaison Volunteer

Jessica Laporte : EkoLakay Program Advisor
Jessica Laporte: EkoLakay Program Advisor

Maya Lubeck Schricker : Research Associate
Maya Lubeck Schricker: Research Associate

Michèle Bernadette Heeb : Waste-to-Resource Consultant
Michèle Bernadette Heeb: Waste-to-Resource Consultant

Tasharla Jean Baptiste : Staff Accountant
Tasharla Jean Baptiste: Staff Accountant

Eliza Parish : Development Director
Eliza Parish: Development Director

Carine Robert : Executive Associate
Carine Robert: Executive Associate

Pierre Victony Saint-Louis : Systems Assistant
Pierre Victony Saint-Louis: Systems Assistant

Djifferson Sainfort : Systems Assistant
Djifferson Sainfort: Systems Assistant

Bridj Ozeris : Research Assistant
Bridj Ozeris: Research Assistant

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