Wish List From Our Friends at CHIBAS

Hello SOIL supporters!

Our friend Gael from the non-profit organization CHIBAS, is in need of a few things for his laboratory here in Haiti. Do you have any extra lab equipment looking for a good home? CHIBAS is a research center on bio-energy and sustainable agriculture with the goal of improving and promoting the use of local varieties of sorghum and jatropha that are adapted to the Haitian ecosystem and climate in drought-prone regions. CHIBAS not only is a research center, but a technical institute for farmers to gain and share knowledge.

They just produced their first syrup from Sweet Sorghum, as well as their first Kleren! If any of our science geek friends have some extra lab equipment laying around, this is a worthy project to donate it to!

Check out their wish list below – any donations should be sent directly to CHIBAS (contact Gael at [email protected]).

1.) FTIR (versatile, transmission + reflectance)
2.) Small vacuum pump and desiccator
3.) 30 to 250 degree centigrade laboratory convection oven (120 V)
4.) Centrifuge with rotors for deep well plate
5.) Autoclave
6.) Gilson pipettes (P5000, P1000, P200, P100, P20, multichannel-200,
7.) Freeze dryer + vacuum pump
8.) Tissue lyser or paint shaker
9.) Laboratory mill (for milling samples into fine powder)
10.) Orbital shaker
11.) Bench rocker table
12.) Small Air/fume extraction hood/system
13.) Laboratory balance
14.) Laboratory glassware

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