World Economic Forum: The world needs more toilets, but Western solutions aren’t the answer

Here at SOIL we are thrilled to see this thoughtful piece from the World Economic Forum questioning the need for flush toilets and traditional sewerage systems. For ten years we have worked in Haiti to implement sustainable sanitation solutions that require no water and no infrastructure. Our toilets transform human waste into rich compost, recapturing the nutrients in human waste that are so often lost in a flush.

From the World Economic Forum:

World Economic Forum“The invention of the flush toilet, or water closet, in 1596 ended open defecation and transferred excreta outside of homes for the first time. This was certainly a good thing in the short term, but today the flush toilet probably stands as one of the most unsustainable innovations in human history.

Think about it. Why would we want to increase the liquid volume of a potentially harmful substance – human waste? Most of the waste water that flush toilets create – more than 80% worldwide – ends up going directly back into the environment. No treatment, no use, just a lot of open sewers.”

Is your curiosity piqued? Read the whole article at and share your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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