SOILHaiti 22 October 2013

SOIL Letters: "Great Changes Can Be Made."

[box type="shadow"]SOIL Letters is a blog series featuring some of the beautiful letters we've received over the years in support of the work we're doing in Haiti.[/box]


October 21, 2013

I came across your organization today by an endorsement on LinkedIn by a group called the “Dalai Lama Fellows." I watched a video about the SOIL foundation on  by Dr Sasha Kramer. I was very impressed by the work your foundation is involved in and wanted to wish Dr Kramer and your organization the very best of wishes for the future.

I really love projects like this that use innovation to bring about much needed changes in places like Haiti. Where there is will there is a way, and where there are great minds, innovation and intent, great changes can be made. I’m glad I came across your organization today as the work you do is very inspirational; Thank You.

Regards and best wishes,



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