Carbon Offsetting


SOIL's groundbreaking carbon-offset partnership with Global Water Intelligence (GWI) began at the 2022 Global Water Summit after GWI recognized the evidence-based carbon mitigation impact of SOIL’s household sanitation and waste treatment services. Working towards SDG6 goals, GWI is committed to ensuring that their annual Water Summits are carbon-neutral. To this aim, the SOIL - GWI partnership mitigates the carbon footprint of travel to GWI’s events by supporting SOIL’s climate-positive sanitation solution with the value-add of also helping to increase access to basic services. This innovative partnership using evidence-based carbon mitigation methodologies outside of the formal carbon market offers an exciting opportunity for carbon mitigation financing for smaller organizations like SOIL.  

SOIL is partnering once again with GWI to offset the carbon emissions for participants' travel to the 2024 conference. You can read more about GWI's work and find more information about their annual water summits on their website


carbon offsetting partnership