Carbon Offsetting


What are carbon Credits? 


Carbon credits are permits that allow the holder to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. One carbon credit typically equals one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. These credits can be bought and sold on carbon markets, providing economic incentives for companies and organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. By capping the total amount of emissions allowed and enabling the trading of credits, carbon credits aim to limit overall emissions and encourage investment in clean technologies and practices.


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How SOIL Partners in the Carbon Offsetting Market 


Over the past decade, innovations in the carbon offset market have aimed to reduce global emissions, yet significant challenges remain. Many organizations, like SOIL, which can quantify their carbon mitigation efforts, struggle to participate due to the high costs associated with formal market accreditation. The carbon offset financing model typically involves businesses and individuals purchasing carbon credits from accredited organizations, which generate these credits by mitigating or sequestering carbon through low-emission projects.

However, the effectiveness of this model has come under scrutiny. Some companies misuse credits to claim emissions reductions that aren't genuine, while others provide dubious offsets, undermining true climate progress. Smaller organizations face significant barriers to becoming accredited due to prohibitive costs, despite their proven ability to offer valid carbon credits.

An alternative approach is direct climate partnerships, exemplified by SOIL's collaboration with Global Water Intelligence. This method allows companies to offset emissions by partnering directly with the source of carbon credits, ensuring all funds directly support the offsetting organizations. This approach not only magnifies the impact of carbon mitigation efforts but also supports a range of positive social and environmental outcomes. As the carbon credit market evolves, direct climate partnerships present a promising solution aligned with carbon financing goals, enabling more meaningful contributions to global climate efforts.

If you are interested in purchasing carbon credits from SOIL, please email us at [email protected].

Our Partners:

Aqualia x SOIL Carbon Offset Partner

Global Water Intelligence

SOIL's groundbreaking carbon-offset partnership with Global Water Intelligence (GWI) began at the 2022 Global Water Summit. This innovative partnership using evidence-based carbon mitigation methodologies outside of the formal carbon market offers an exciting opportunity for carbon mitigation financing for smaller organizations like SOIL. You can read more about GWI's work and find more information about their annual water summits on their website