Theo Talks Episode 9: Loading Bunnies and Bobcats

Lots of adventures in EcoSan this week with your favorite SOIL Regional Director Theo Huitema. Theo was on the move, traveling from Cap-Haitien to Port-au-Prince so that he could pick up a newly acquired Bobcat skid-steer loader for the SOIL Farm in Limonade. The first video is a hilarious chronicle of the team's efforts to load the Bobcat (or, as Theo calls it "the Bobbycat") into the back of the Cap-Haitien baskil (truck). In the spirit of fair trades, Theo brought a wonderful surprise for the SOIL Port-au-Prince office in exchange for the Bobcat: another rabbit! In classic SOIL fashion, Theo loaded the bunny into a household toilet for the long drive to Port-au-Prince. Our second video this week is a short clip of the bunny-loading process. After a week of loading up bunnies and Bobcats (seems like a fair trade, right?), Theo headed back to Cap-Haitien this morning. We'll miss seeing you in the Port-au-Prince office!

Loading the "Bobbycat:"

Loading the Bunny:

And as a very special treat, a third video called "Crazy Cat on a Sunday Morning." Join in as Chicken Flavor, the SOIL farm cat in Limonade, happily disrupts Theo's peaceful Sunday morning routine.

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