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Transforming Trutier


Since SOIL's inception in 2006, transformation has always been one of our core values - transformation of wastes into resources, of disempowered people into community leaders, of barren landscapes into lush, productive gardens.

Our Composting Waste Treatment Facility at Trutier, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, is a beautiful example of what this looks like. The Trutier Facility is located on land inside the city dump, and when SOIL first set up shop there in the summer of 2012, it was a desolate wasteland that lay just beyond mountains of garbage and earthquake rubble:


Before Aug 2012


Today, however, bougainvillea line the brightly colored gates, and plantain trees flourish between compost bins. In less than two years, it's changed into a vibrant oasis:


Helping Hands

The beauty of the Trutier site is first and foremost a testament to the curative effects of SOIL's EcoSan compost on the environment. However, it's also a result of the incredibly hard work our compost team puts in every day.

So last week, the entire Port-au-Prince staff decided to go out and lend them a hand for a morning! We picked up trash that had blown in from the dump, emptied drums of waste, and shoveled cover material into wheelbarrows.


131129 Cleaning Windrows 6


We're delighted that Trutier is looking lovelier than ever, and we also gained a deeper appreciation for the work the compost team does to transform hundreds of gallons of poop into beautiful, organic compost. Pretty amazing stuff, if we do say so ourselves.

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