SOILHaiti 26 February 2014

Theo Talks Episode 26: Rat Catcher

To all fifteen fans of the SOIL Theo Talks series (you know who you are): we sincerely apologize that it's been so long since the last episode. While there's been no shortage of footage being produced by SOIL's irrepressible Regional Director in Cap-Haitien, Theo Huitema, we have had some technical issues transferring these videos from Theo's FlipCam to the World Wide Web.

But have no fear - the series continues! So without further ado, it's now time to rejoin Theo on another adventure in EcoSan! In Theo Talks Episode 26, Theo makes a short video "in honor of the rat catcher" on a calm, sunny day at the SOIL composting waste treatment facility in Limonade (outside of Cap-Haitien).

We hope you enjoy this short video and then take a few minutes to check out the full Theo Talks series.

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