Bòn Fèt Endependans!

 photo courtesy of Melinda Miles 

On this day 217 years ago, Haiti became a free nation after years of fighting against colonial oppression. The fire that ignited this revolutionary defiance against injustice still burns today. Every January 1st we celebrate Haitian Independence Day to honor the symbolic and hard-fought independence of the nation of Haiti; it’s beauty, rich culture, and the strength and perseverance of its people. As we reflect on the bravery and courage of Haiti’s revolutionary heroes, we are even more motivated to build a resilient future in Haiti that they would be proud of.

For over a decade, SOIL has been designing and implementing affordable, safe, and restorative ecological sanitation solutions. Since 2003, we have experienced great successes alongside great challenges, but through it all we have witnessed the resiliency of the Haitian people and their continuous efforts to uplift one another and restore their country. The incredible women, men and children we serve continue to be our greatest motivators. As we begin a new year, we hope to reach more people and communities and to nurture Haiti’s incredible and precious ecosystem through responsible and regenerative solutions.

Haitians and the global Haitian diaspora commemorate Independence Day with many traditions including parades, fireworks and food. The most well-known tradition is eating Soup Joumou, a rich and delicious pumpkin stew that dates back to the colonial era. During that period, enslaved Haitians were forced to make the soup for their masters, but were prohibited from eating it themselves. Therefore, as a sign of their newfound dignity and independence, the newly freed Haitians started the tradition of eating Soup Joumou every Independence Day. Today and every day, SOIL is honored to work in such a revolutionary nation. Let’s all share in the hope for a healthy, hopeful, and impactful new year. Bòn Fèt Endependans ak Bòn Ane!

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