SOIL Haiti 23 February 2022

Introducing Our Advisory Board

SOIL's advisory board members

At SOIL, we understand the power of teamwork and we are always seeking to collaborate with local and global experts that provide valuable input and strategic guidance for our organization and the service we provide.  

In our 15 years of working in Haiti, we’ve made great progress in getting to where we are today, but none of that would be possible without the support of a critical network of people that have volunteered their time and knowledge in order to help guide our mission of providing equitable access to basic human rights.  

In light of this collective effort, we are pleased to share a more formal establishment of our network through the newly founded SOIL Advisory Board. This passionate and impactful group of change-makers from around the world consists of incredible women and men that consistently deliver on their promise to ensure better opportunities for their communities and our world. They are passionate about Haiti, safe and dignified sanitation, sustainable development and global equity.  

SOIL is thankful to have such inspiring leaders, professionals and experts that are willing to guide SOIL’s work and help support our mission. Together, we are working to grow an effective and equitable service, increase access to life-saving services, and build the sustainable future that Haitians deserve. Join us in welcoming this amazing group.  

Please check out the members of SOIL’s advisory board here.    

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