Farewell Theo, Welcome Romel

150701 TheoThe month of December was full of highlights, from the Paris Climate Conference to SOIL reaching over 500 household toilets. However, perhaps the biggest moment was the transitioning of our Cap-Haitien Regional Director Theo Huitema over to Romel Toussaint.

150605 Romel comfom cap sredd 2Theo came into the Cap-Haitien Regional Director position four years ago and totally transformed the Cap-Haitien office with his many years of management experience. Always a joke on hand, he was an expert in connecting with the staff and communities where SOIL works. By fostering a team environment, the Cap office was able to accomplish major projects such as developing the infrastructure at the waste treatment site, constructing a new eco-office run on solar power, and increasing our clientele by 400% with the same amount of staff. Theo’s engineering background in implementing appropriate technology was key in maximizing SOIL’s impact while keeping costs down. He influenced SOIL to always use local resources and knowledge when possible.

One of Theo’s great qualities that we appreciate the most is his support of every single staff member’s professional growth and development, which includes his wish to see a Haitian colleague transition into the Regional Director position. Over the years, one staff member particularly stood out – Romel Toussaint. Romel has been one of SOIL’s longstanding employees since 2010, working his way through SOIL’s agriculture department until he became SOIL Cap-Haitien’s Director of Agriculture. In addition to his experience in managing the operations and human resources at the SOIL waste treatment site and farm, he brings a passion for developing efficient systems throughout the organization so that SOIL can continue to grow its operations.120720 Prof Vic Theo Starts

In a recent ceremony filled with love, appreciation, shared memories, laughter, and more than a few tears, Theo officially ended his time as Regional Director and handed the reins to Romel. We are so proud of both Theo and Romel, and for the entire SOIL team in supporting this transition. Romel thanks Theo for all of the big dreams he inspired in this office, saying, “We will continue to grow those dreams and keep our goals in sight!”

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2 Replies to "Farewell Theo, Welcome Romel"

  • Jake Blehm
    February 13, 2016 (6:43 pm)

    Hello Romel! Congratulations on your new position. We are all very proud of your work and contribution.
    We are expecting our new international interns at Ecology Action soon. Please let us know how you are doing.


    Jake Blehm
    Ecology Action

    • Romel Toussaint
      February 15, 2016 (10:02 pm)

      Hi Jake – I am good! Thanks for your message and I hope all of the new interns have a great experience like I did! Hope you and the rest of the Ecology Action team are well, especially John Jeavons and Ellen. I started a biointensive garden when I came back to Haiti. Now with SOIL we are using double-digging in our soy experiment. We are expecting great results!

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