SOIL Haiti 15 August 2022

Meet Beverly, SOIL’s new Sr. Sales Manager!



The SOIL team is incredibly pleased and proud to welcome back Beverly Pierre Accius in a new role as our Senior Sales Manager at the Cap-Haitien office.  Beverly has been an integral member of the SOIL team having held past positions with SOIL as Ekolakay Coordinator, EkoLakay Manager, and Senior Port au Prince Office Manager. Her passion, empathy and business savvy has helped our EkoLakay business grow and expand to reach new households that previously have not had sanitation access. We are excited to bring her long-time experience and entrepreneurial spirit into this critical role to position SOIL for continued scale.  We sat down with Beverly to learn more about her and her goals for this position on SOIL’s team. Check out the transcript from our conversation below:

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about yourself and background?

Beverly: I hold a degree in Business Management through a HELP scholarship. After leaving SOIL in 2020, I started my business, Beverlify, which empowers black women to embrace their natural beauty. I am now back at SOIL as Senior Sales Manager.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to return to work at SOIL?

Beverly: My motivation comes from the work that SOIL does. I want to share my knowledge and my time to enable people who cannot afford a toilet to have access to a toilet. I have an interest in cleaning up the environment and to make it a safe space for people to live.

Interviewer: What would you say is your primary goal in the role?

Beverly: 1) To build a solid and competent team, 2) to acquire customers for the EkoLakay service and 3) increase the visibility of our organic compost.

Interviewer: What does a typical work day at SOIL look like for you?

Beverly: I usually start my working day by syncing TaroWorks phone and checking different reports from SalesForce (sales report, installation report, prospect report). I then check my tasks on Asana and attend meetings and connect with members of my team who are in the field.

Interviewer: What is the impact that you see SOIL is having in Haiti?

Beverly: I have spoken to several customers and received comments that before entering the EkoLakay service they were practicing open defecation and throwing the poop bags on the roof of their houses. But, with EkoLakay, they now have their own toilets to put an end to this bad practice. A survey conducted in 2019 showed that customer behavior changed after being a customer of the  Ekolakay Service.

Interviewer: Finally, where do you hope to see Haiti in the next ten years?

Beverly: I hope to see Haiti with a government that truly cares about the well-being of the people so that it can lead the country with a solution-oriented approach to solving major problems. Also, I’d like to see better conditions for local and foreign investors to invest in Haiti. I am encouraging Haitian entrepreneurs, especially those in Cap, to support SOIL’s work. Leave a comment below and please join us in welcoming Beverly!

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